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Paola Puerta Dominguez

Program Director, Career Student Communities

Career Communities & Campus Partnerships

Career Communities

I currently serve as the Program Director for Career Communities: International Students, and Student Employees. I oversee both career interest communities, manage campus partner advisory boards, connect students with exploration and networking opportunities through alumni mentorship and engagement, and provide tailored programming and advising services.

In my previous role with Career Exploration and Success, I served as a Career Advisor for International Students. I provided career counseling and advisement to both undergraduate/graduate students and served as the primary contact for issues pertaining to graduate students. I also served as a liaison and worked closely with Rutgers Global to better serve the growing international student population at Rutgers.

Prior to joining Career Exploration and Success, I served as a Residence Life Senior Program Coordinator at Rutgers, where I worked with the graduate/international student population by planning and executing programming initiatives. Before joining Rutgers in 2014, I worked at Pace University as a Career Counselor.

I earned my bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and a master's degree in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Academic and Developmental Analysis from Teachers College, Columbia University. I am also a non-matriculated student at Rutgers, where I have taken courses in Race Ethnicity and Inequality, Urban Education, Multicultural Issues, and Immigration Law.

My advice to students is to view Rutgers as the global institution that it is. Take advantage of the diverse student body by getting involved, embrace the beauty of differences, and maximize your experiences by pursuing an internship and studying abroad to commit to the University's motto, "Jersey Roots, Global Reach."