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Shalini Jain

Industry Developer

Industry & Student Connections

As the Global Job & Internship Developer, my primary goal is to increase internship and job opportunities within the U.S. for international students, as well as outside of the U.S. for all Rutgers students. This includes cultivating new employer relationships and partnering with internal (such as GAIA- Global Advancement & International Affairs) and external constituents to increase the global reach of Rutgers University.

Previously, I was employed as a Human Resources and Customer Relationship Manager in the healthcare sector. During my tenure as a graduate student at Rutgers, I worked as a Teaching Aide for the Human Resources and Finance departments. I also have globally diversified experiences with living and working in various international locations such as London, South Africa, and India, gaining valuable experiences, improving my ability to adapt to new environments, and collaborating effectively in diverse teams.

I graduated with a master’s of Human Resource Management (MHRM) from Rutgers in 2017. I also hold master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and bachelors in Science degrees.

As an alumnus of Rutgers’ diverse student body, I suggest students make connections and friendships outside of the comfort zone of their own culture and background. They should also gain valuable experiences and build strong foundations for their careers by exploring job and internship opportunities internationally in this globally connected world.