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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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Sylvia Cordero

Program Director, Career Interest Communities

Career Communities & Campus Partnerships

Career Communities

In my role, I provide an array of direct individual career advising to undergraduates, graduates as well as alumni both in-person and online. My Career Interest Communities are Education and Human Services, as well as Law; Public Health, Policy, and Safety. I work in collaboration with campus partners, an Advisory Board, and student organizations to create career focus programs.

Prior to this role, I worked at Rutgers University-Newark as a Career Counselor and as a Supervisor for Fraternities and Sororities for three years. Prior to coming to Rutgers, I worked under the Division of Mental Health at the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital as an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.

I possess an MA in Labor Studies from Rutgers University-New Brunswick and a BA in Labor Relations/Sociology from Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras, PR.

Start your internship or job search process early, take advantage of all the programs and services that the university offers, network, and expand your contacts because those are the people that will help along with your career. Always pay it forward to those who help you.