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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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Career Advising FAQs

What role does your career advisor play in helping you achieve your goals?

Your career advisor serves as a facilitator, educator, and advisor who will guide you through the process of making career decisions. He or she will also assist you in developing the skills needed to conduct a successful job search.

How long does this take?

The career advising process varies from person to person. Some students meet with an advisor several times over the course of their college education, while others may only need brief assistance with resume development or a job search strategy.

What if the advisor is unable to address my specific concerns?

If you have concerns or issues that are not within the advisor's scope of knowledge and expertise, you will be referred to other campus resources that can better address your needs, such as a Learning Center or Counseling Center.

Can you explain what you mean by "job search strategies"?

The advisor can help you develop many valuable skills such as interviewing, resume and letter writing, using the Internet to find jobs, salary negotiation, and networking.

What is my responsibility as a student in the advising relationship?

Arrive on time for appointments or reschedule, if necessary. Present your career-related concerns with candor. Accept responsibility for your career-related decisions with guidance and assistance from your advisor.

What is the responsibility of parents in terms of the advising relationship?

Unversity Career Services maintains student-advisor confidentiality for all our sessions. It is our hope that parents will play a supportive role in their son's or daughter's career development process. Remember, these appointments are for the student and their interests.