Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
(Tu: 10am – 2pm ET | Th: 10am – 2pm ET)

Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
(Tu: 10am – 2pm ET | Th: 1pm – 4pm ET)

Employer Virtual Help Desk:
(MW: 12pm – 2pm | TuTh: 11am – 1pm ET)

Sample Presentation Topics

Our staff and trained Peer Career Advisors are experts in a variety of career-related topics. Below are the five main presentation topics we offer to the campus community.

Career Exploration 101 – Whether you think you know exactly what you want to do or if you have no idea, taking the time to explore your passions, personality traits, and skills are part of the process. We’ll review the Career Journey wheel, resources and staff that are here to support every student during their Career Exploration, and help identify next steps no matter where each person is at in their own journey.

Resumes/Cover Letters – Everyone wants to have an impressive resume and cover letter that accurately represents their experience and skills. We’ll highlight the basics of these important application documents, from formatting and power verbs to building strong bullet points and paragraphs. We’ll review resources available to everyone, as well as some of our favorite tips and do’s and don’ts.

Interview Skills – When it’s time to prepare for an interview, there are a few things we recommend every student be ready for. Let’s talk about some of the preparation you can do to ensure you go into any interview with strong self-awareness, powerful examples of your experiences and skills, and a good understanding of the role you’re interviewing for.

Job/Internship Search – Whether you’re looking for an on or off campus job or an internship of any kind, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you with the search process. We’ll explore online tools, on-campus resources, and programs devoted to making this process easier and less overwhelming.

Marketing Your Experiences/Personal Branding – “Tell us about yourself.” That often-dreaded question provides a blank canvas for how you represent yourself. How will you talk about our on and off campus experiences and relate them to the job opportunity in front of you? What’s your story and how will you tell it? We’ll give you some tips and help you get started with defining that narrative.

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