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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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FIGS Faculty

"My faculty mentor helped me in numerous ways throughout my FIGS process, from designing an informative curriculum to implementing effective teaching strategies. Through her constant encouragement, I was able to develop my own teaching style and become comfortable with the classroom environment as an instructor."

– Kuldeep Yadav, FIGS Peer Instructor 2014, Exploring Health & Medicine


While FIGS courses are taught by upper-class students, Rutgers faculty play a critical role in the process.

FIGS Faculty Mentors are a vital resource for Peer Instructors (PIs) who are designing and implementing their own curricula. PIs connect with a faculty member from their topical area to discuss course content, brainstorm teaching strategies and reflect on their classroom experiences. These collaborations allow PIs to develop more meaningful relationships with experts in their fields.

First-year students enrolled in FIGS classes also connect with faculty in dynamic ways. Each fall semester, faculty members from across the Rutgers community visit FIGS classrooms to talk about their personal and professional experiences and participate in small-group discussions and Q&A sessions. These conversations range widely—from undergraduate and graduate education to field-specific involvement opportunities, from career paths to laboratory research and field work—but they help students learn more about particular departments and discover exciting academic tracks.


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