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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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Peer Instructors

"Figuring out how to best convey certain principles and topics to twenty-three very different students at once is definitely going to help me talk with clients about the problems at hand and suggestions. It’s what people ask about in interviews, and I know I’m going to be able to use what I’ve learned from teaching. Teaching has taught me the importance of being self-aware and of knowing that what you have to share with people is valuable. That is what makes you successful.”

- Laura Borton, FIGS Peer Instructor 2014, Exploring Business


What sets FIGS apart from so many other first-year experience programs is our commitment to peer education. Our classes are not taught by full-time faculty but by talented upper-class students from a variety of academic disciplines. As highly-motivated student leaders, FIGS Peer Instructors (PIs) take part in an extensive training program, design their own curricula, develop their interpersonal and public speaking skills, and teach an accredited course that reflects their academic and professional expertise.

But our PIs are not merely student teachers. They are also caring, capable mentors who help first-year students adjust to university life and who introduce them to exciting majors and to a wide array of institutional resources.

Interested in becoming a Peer Instructor? Take a look at our application and interview process.

Want to hear from current and former PIs about their FIGS experiences? Check out our alumni page.


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