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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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Rutgers–New Brunswick Handshake

Rutgers Handshake is the #1 platform for all things related to career success. Students can utilize Rutgers Handshake to access thousands of job and internship listings in the system, plus schedule appointments with career advisers, read employer reviews from other students, network with employers, register for career events, access exclusive online resources, and much more. Students who are eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program can explore those opportunities with the Student Employment Office.

Eligible incoming students automatically have Handshake accounts and do not need to request a new account. Therefore, incoming students need to wait for their student data to import from the Registrar and not complete an online form requesting a Handshake account. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Employment Scam Targeting College Students Remains Prevalent


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By logging in to your Rutgers Handshake career management account, you agree
to abide by the Policies and Guidelines. Learn how to stay safe in your job search and avoid posting scams.


Don’t know your Rutgers NetID and Password?

Visit the Rutgers NetID Lookup page to obtain your credentials. Alumni who graduated prior to May 2013 need to request an account.


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For more information, contact our Employer Connections and Engagement Team.

Rutgers Handshake Activation

Handshake Mobile App

Rutgers Handshake is your one-stop career management center and is available on your mobile device! Within the mobile app—you can request appointments with Career Exploration and Success, register for fairs, workshops, and programs, search and apply for positions, access additional online resources, network with employment organizations, and much more!

Follow these simple steps to access this exclusive mobile app:

AppStore.png google-play-button.png

Handshake App Display

Step 1

Visit the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

Step 1

Step 2

Search for 'Handshake' within the store, and download the app. (This is a free application.)

Step 2

Step 3

Open the application and on the welcome screen, enter 'Rutgers University' in the search bar, then select 'Rutgers University-New Brunswick' from the results.

Step 3

Step 4

Then select school login

Step 4

Step 5

From the next screen, enter your NetID and password and tap go. From here, follow the onboarding wizard to access your account.

Step 5

Step 6

Now you are all set up to use your Rutgers Handshake account.