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Reach Out a Hand Towards Your Career Goals

Tori Zhou
September 03, 2019

With the fall semester on the horizon, you may be searching for an internship, part-time opportunity, or a full-time job. Don’t know where to start? Download Rutgers Handshake, the new career management system that debuted by Career Exploration Success (CES) last year.

Handshake MobileThink Instagram, but instead of scrolling through photos, you’ll be perusing job listings and over 50,000 at that. There’s no shortage of job listing databases online, but Rutgers Handshake distinguishes itself with its providing of campus-specific resources and personalized feed. “Rutgers Handshake is a great platform because it’s easy to use and convenient. You can see so many job listings and schedule appointments all in one place,” says Robert Chang, a rising senior. Employers are looking to hire you, a Rutgers student. Build your profile (think of it as your digital resume), and access the platform on the web or by mobile app.

After completing your profile, you’ll see which positions you’re best suited for based on your career interests, GPA, school year, and college. These make up the Employer Preferences. Job listings aren’t just limited to local or on-campus positions. You’ll also see listings from well-known companies like Goldman Sachs, Tesla, and Forbes. If larger corporations don’t have the job you’re looking for, keep searching to find out about companies and positions you might not have known prior. Use the “Favorite” feature to consolidate all the listings in which you’re interested. Your next internship or full-time job could be delving into medical admissions journalism in New York, assisting a Finance department in Boston, or building prototypes in California. Aside from providing recommendations based on your profile and professional interests, Rutgers Handshake also distinguishes positions at companies known for their diversity, reputability, benefits, and work-life balance.

Using filters, you can narrow down your search by location, industry, and employer. Listings are complete with all necessary information, from whether or not a position pays to the application deadline. Junhao Dong, an international graduate student, used Rutgers Handshake to find his upcoming Packaging Engineering internship at Tesla. “Handshake is really powerful. Search for every opportunity,” he says. After sending his resume through Rutgers Handshake and applying on an external site, Junhao had two phone interviews with Tesla. He gives insight on what helped him, “Try to prepare a lot for the phone interview and your self-introduction. I went through a lot of material [on the company] online.” He continues, “If the student can answer the [interview] questions very fluently, it will be the best first step.”

Rutgers Handshake isn’t limited to only displaying the available job opportunities. Imagine a job database, calendar, forum, and digital advisor all in one. As a digital community, Rutgers Handshake houses the chance for you to message and connect with like-minded Rutgers students. If you have a question about your desired field or position, ask in the Questions & Answers forum and get answers from others who have been in your shoes. You can learn about the typical day-to-day of a position, the needed preparations for an interview, or what to expect in a specific industry. You can also keep tabs on your upcoming appointments, interviews, and upcoming workshops, and career and internship fairs.

Getting a head start on your professional life isn’t solely for juniors and seniors. If you’re a first-year or second-year, Rutgers Handshake can help you get ahead by providing networking events, career resources, and meetings with advisors. By starting your career preparation earlier, you’ll be maximizing Rutgers’ resources and working towards a seamless transition after graduation. In fact, from a recent survey, 75% of student respondents said they should engage with CES during their first or sophomore year of college.

Aside from events, Rutgers Handshake also provides access to digital resources. These include career advice videos, a career exploration system, a virtual mock interviewing system, and more. Claire, a Rutgers sophomore and finance major, states, “I recently transferred to Rutgers and didn’t immediately start thinking about life after college, I was so focused on my grades.” She continues, “After finding out about Handshake through a friend, I’ve realized the importance of building professional marketability now so I won’t have to worry about it later.”

Preparing for the transition from university life to the workforce can be a daunting feat, but Rutgers Handshake makes it easier. Whether you’re working to secure your next internship, explore a career field, or find the next networking opportunity, Rutgers Handshake helps you secure the next physical handshake that can get you one step closer. 

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