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Seth Godin, Stoicism, and the COVID Era Job Search

Scott Borden
Barbara Zito
September 12, 2020

Seth Godin is everywhere. Well, he is not literally everywhere. In fact, these past few months, most of us have been sheltered in place and not seeing too many people unless they appear on TV or video screens. But the prodigious author of over 18 bestselling books, marketing savant, tech innovator, forward thinker, entrepreneur, and creator of Seth Godin’s Blog, named by Time magazine as one of the Best 5 Blogs, seems like he is everywhere. He is always in the background, he is always on the periphery, and, sometimes, he is leading the way with cogent insights on human behavior and decision making. He is also a modern day stoic philosopher for these challenging times, and just maybe someone to pay attention to in order to continue to focus on what is within our control, understand what is not, and understand how and when to decide to take informed action.

As a Rutgers University-New Brunswick Career Advisor and Program Director in the Office of Career Exploration and Success, and as an instructor, a therapist, a husband, a father, and a human being, I have heard the question, “Is everything going to be OK,” many times over the last two months. I have mulled it over many times myself. I have wrestled with it at 3:00 AM.  Arriving at a satisfying answer is–and will continue to be–a frustrating exercise with a multitude of responses filtered through varying emotional lenses.

For months, the nightly news has served up an unending diet of tragedy resulting from this COVID pandemic – the toll of human lives lost, economic impact, job loss, population quarantine, political squabbling and posturing, the development of a viable vaccine, operational education, parents split into frazzled multiple roles, and an unrelenting fear of the unknown.  The stress resulting from this external noise and demand finds its way into an insidious, and repetitive internal dialogue, “Is everything going to be OK?”

As I pondered this exact question for the one hundredth time, late in May, I happened upon Seth’s Blog, and I saw these very words at the top of this article and stopped.


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