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Room Naming Opportunities

Career Exploration and Success is located in two Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus locations.  Naming opportunities are available for a four-year period or in perpetuity. Recognition includes your organization name and logo on signage in the designated space.

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Naming opportunities in our Busch Campus Career & Interview Center:

  • Career & Interview Center: ($100,000 | 4-year term)
    Located within the Busch Student Center on Busch Campus, the 4,529 sq. ft. Career & Interview Center is the base of operations for all campus interviewing.  It houses 16 interview rooms, an employer lounge, presentation space, and the offices of our Employer Relations unit and STEM Career Counselors.
    • Seminar Room: ($20,000 | 4-year term)
      The seminar room within the Career & Interviewing Center is used for general programming, employer information sessions, and large meetings of staff. (505 sq. ft.)
    • Interview Room: ($8,000 for a 4-year term)
      The Career & Interviewing Center features 16 interview rooms used by employers and students.  Approximately 500 interviews occur annually per room.  (56 - 86 sq. ft.)


Naming opportunities in our College Avenue Campus Career Development Center:

  • Career Development Center: ($100,000 | 4-year term)
    The 5,516 sq. ft. Career Development Center on College Avenue is home to our career development and experiential education headquarters.  It contains a seminar room, has both an executive and small conference room, and the offices of our career counseling, operations, and executive staff.
    • Seminar Room: ($20,000 | 4-year term)
      Our new seminar room is home to various programs each year.  It has state-of-the-art technology and a capacity to seat 60 guests at a time.  (740 sq. ft.)
    • Executive Conference Room: ($12,000 | 4-year term)
      Adjacent to the main reception area, this room features a glass wall allowing for all visitors to view inside while waiting for a counseling appointment. (322 sq. ft.)
    • Small Conference Room: ($8,000 for a 4-year term)
      The small conference room is a gathering place for small staff unit meetings and is also the primary meeting location for our Executive Director.  (176 sq. ft.)


Contact Us:

Interested in a naming opportunity? Please contact William Jones, Senior Director at or via phone at 848-932-0184