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Seeking Success Course

Seeking Success

Take the next step in your career journey! Apply now for this leadership crash course in professionalism, personal branding, public speaking, and skill development. Seeking Success is an exploring leadership and career-readiness program for upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, and transfers welcome). Participants must complete the application on Handshake and submit a resume to be eligible for the Seeking Success cohort.

This 8-week, 1.5-credit seminar series is available exclusively to upperclassmen who are ready to:

  • Cultivate 21st century competencies, including public speaking and interview skills
  • Create a strong professional brand and leverage your network
  • Apply and articulate transferable skills to attain an internship, position, or job
  • Engage with a community of peers who are committed to this interactive, experiential learning environment

Seeking Success graduates are equipped to take on any leadership challenge!

Congratulations to the Seeking Success Fall 2020 cohort, applications for the Fall 2021 cohort will go live on September 1st, 2021.

  • (7 pm – 9 pm) Wednesday Nights
  • (3:30 pm – 5:30 pm) Friday Afternoons

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“Seeking Success helped improve my leadership, resume building, and networking skills. It did a great job boosting my confidence and providing skills that I can use for the future.”

– Seeking Success Participant, 2016

“I came into the class not knowing what it entailed and was wondering how success would be "taught" to a virtual class, but I was pleasantly surprised after every class and felt inspired coming out of the discussion for that night.”

– Giselle Gonzales, 2020

“This class made me look inside myself and it showed me opportunities of how to get more involved and more out there and advice about how to be successful in the near future.”

– Erin Twohig, 2020

“I expected to learn about resumes and interview skills, but learned so much more about myself. The class gave me a lot of self-discovery and realizations about myself which have been helpful in me learning what I value. I didn't expect this and I have learned so much more than I thought I would have.“

– Jackson Duan, 2020

“I learned so many transferable skills that I did not even imagine I would have learned in this course. Not only did I learn concrete skills, but I learned so much about myself, who I am, and who I want to be in the future. The course really helped me in my self-growth.”

– Jessica Nguyen, 2020

“As an introverted person, I found that it affected the way I voice myself during interviews and elevator pitches to potential employers and people in the tech industry. Through our weekly sessions, I was able to find that even as an introverted person, I am able to fully express myself in a way that makes me feel and sound confident, showing people the best version of myself.”

– Taran Suresh, 2020

“I enjoyed the laid-back environment during the meetings where everyone was able to express their thoughts and feelings. It gave me a new perspective on other students during their semester and job/internship search. Overall, it was a change from other classes, which I appreciated. It allowed me to be comfortable and calm while trying to grasp as much information to further improve myself.”

Seeking Success Participant, 2020

"The Seeking Success Leadership program has provided me a deeper look into the nitty-gritty aspect of building your professional profile. From tips on interviews to resume building, the curriculum taught me how to optimize and update my skills."

– Greg Cohler, 2020

Seeking Success is a tier of the Lead-up Academy, co-sponsored by the Office of Leadership & Experiential Learning. There are no pre-requisites needed to apply for this program. Applications for the Fall 2020 Seeking Success cohort will go live September 1st.