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Student/Alumni Virtual Help Desk:
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Your Professional Reputation

Establishing your professional reputation is an important part of making an impact at your internship or first full-time position as well as an important part of your professional growth. The Rutgers Student Code of Conduct ( outlines standards for students to follow as members of the university community. These standards are not unique to an academic setting but can be applied to all professional settings including the workplace. Having a reputation as an ethical professional is vital in making an impact and being a respected employee or intern. 

Conducting yourself ethically in all aspects of your professional life includes being ethical in your interactions and engagement with departments on campus including Career Exploration and Success as well as faculty, staff, and your peers. Representing yourself with honesty and integrity is also important in your interactions with employers. Additionally, when you connect with employers and others outside the university, you represent Rutgers. The Office of Career Exploration and Success has established policies and ethical guidelines regarding scheduling appointments and registering for events, participating in the On-Campus Interview Program, participating in the Rutgers Internship and Co-op Program (RICP), and job and internship offer acceptance guidelines. These policies are in place to help students understand the importance of ethics in the workplace as well as to provide fair and appropriate access to resources for all Rutgers students. 

For detailed information regarding Career Exploration and Success' policies, click here.